Why You Need a Graphic Designer

Think you can’t afford a graphic designer? Think again.
Here are six reasons why you should hire a graphic designer.

1. Saves you time.

You’re an expert at your business. Graphic designers are experts at graphic design.They know how to create materials that attract the attention of your target market while visually conveying your business’ image. By taking advantage of their expertise, you’re able to save time and get the project done right. (Besides, do you really want to sit down and try to design your own marketing mate- rials?)

2. Distinguishes your organization.

Good graphic design will quickly communicate your marketing messages to your customers. Just by looking at your materials, they’ll get an impression of what your organization is about, the feel of your organization, what it would be like to work with you, etc.

The importance of a strong visual presentation cannot be understated. As human beings, we rely heavily on what we see in the world.A good graphic designer knows how to manipulate colors, fonts and images in order to create the best impression for your company.

Great graphic design merges art with marketing – it takes years to master. But once mastered, the results can be amazing.

3. Cuts through the chaos.

Every day,Americans are hit with over 3,000 attempts to snag their attention.The right design can help your mes- sage stand out and be noticed rather than getting over- looked.

4. Makes you look good.

Wonderful design combined with well-written copy will add a level of professionalism and elevate your business’ image to a higher level.

5. Helps you understand what you want.

Let’s say you know you need the help of a graphic designer but you’re not sure where to start.A graphic designer can help you organize your thoughts and get a handle on your concept.Then, that graphic designer can take that information and turn it into eye-catching, results-driven design.

6. Help you be objective.

Many business people are too close to their business so it’s difficult for them to see not just faults but also strengths. Graphic designers can come in and be objective, really seeing how best to sell the business, the image, the products or services.Then they can design your materials for maximum results.

-Article By Karin Wilson of Wild Woman Design LLC

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